Scenes (MacOS)

Scenes are the basic grouping container for Cues. They allow you to keep a set of Cues together and move them around as a single block.

Adding Scenes

Your Show will always contain at least one Scene.

Untitled Show

To add a Scene simply click on the '+' to the right of the scene name in the Navigator. This will create a new Scene below this one.

Add a Scene

If you need to create a Scene at the start of the Show, create one below the first Scene and then move it up to top. See Moving Scenes

Moving Scenes

Use the Navigator to reorder your Show. Click and hold the name of the Scene and drag it just above the top of the Scene you want it before, or below the last item of the Scene you want it after. TIP: You need to keep the pointer to the left side of the Navigator.

Move a Scene

Renaming Scenes

To rename a Scene click on its name in the main screen. This will activate a small editing field. Type in the new name and hit 'Return/Enter' to commit the change.

Rename a Scene

Deleting Scenes

To remove a Scene simply click on the 'x' next to its name in the Navigator.

Delete a Scene

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