Show Navigator (MacOS)

Show PanelThe Show navigator panel on the left provides a nested list of all the assets in your show. You can use this panel to add new item and reorder them by dragging and dropping within this list.

Toggling the Show Panel

By default the Show Panel is displayed to the left of the main Cues Window. You can drag the divider to change the size of the its area. If you cannot see the Show Panel, click the Show toolbar.

Show toolbar
Show toolbar

Show Hierarchy

Scenes are at the top level within the Show. These are shown in white.

Within each Scene are collections of Cues, which are shown in blue.

At the deepest level are the Loops. These hold and manage the audio clips that comprise each Cue. Loop names are displayed in yellow.

Show Expand/Contract

By default, every item in the show is displayed in the Show Panel, but you can expand & contract individual items by toggling the white arrows next to the item name. If you make changes you can easily revert to display all the loops again by clicking on the 'All' toolbar button.

Show toolbar

If you don't need that level of detail for larger shows you can contract all the Cues so that the individual Loops are no longer shown. To do this click on the 'Cues' toolbar button.

Show toolbar

Cue Selection

When you click on a Cue or Loop, that Cue will be selected and the show will scroll to display it. Clicking on a Scene will select the first Cue in that Scene.

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